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Bruh Marchand is a pest and like annoying Matt Cooke is just plain dirty

 dude ikr there’s a difference between being an annoying little asshole out there and repeatedly committing dirty/illegal/career-altering/ending hits. good god this person is a whole new level of ignorant

How is Matt Cooke worse than lucic or Marchand? We defend lucic and Marchy all the time and so I don't see why wild fans shouldn't defend Matt Cooke. He's not really done anything that bad since the incident and it's kinda the same for Marchy and lucic like they fuck up sometimes but they aren't dirty players.
by Anonimo

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read and I’m not even going to apologize for it. Are you really comparing Matt Cooke and Brad Marchand? Give me a break. 

i already can’t wait for today to be over

i’m starting my own essay mafia with the sophomores i don’t know why i didn’t think of this earlier holy

i’m not ready to go back to school break went by too fast :(

People who try to defend matt cooke make me real fucking pissed off.

when i’m on maternity leave or something i’m gonna write high schoolers’ essays for them this is a fucking gold mine they’re so easy and i make them sound collegiate and they pay me os much $$$

got dAmn i clicked the wrong gif but it kinda works so it’s too late now wow im a fuckup


man oh man what if the east ends up with pens/flyers and bruins/habs match ups